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The Vampire Diaries is a young adult vampire, romance and horror series of novels burning series the vampire diaries and written by L. The Vampire Diaries is now a hit television series on The CW The story centers on Elena Gilbert, a young, beautiful high school girl who finds herself eventually torn between two Italian brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, who are centuries old vampires. The series was originally a trilogy published inbut pressure from readers led Smith to write a fourth volume, Dark Reunion, burning series the vampire diaries was released the following year in The first three novels analsex hentai the original lisa ann masturbation are from both Deutsch feuerwehr porno and Elena's point of view, but the last book in the porno deutsch teen alt series, Dark Reunion, is from Bonnie McCullough 's viewpoint. Smith announced a new spin off trilogy in entitled The Vampire Diaries: The Returnwhich featured Damon Salvatore as the narrator of the trilogy. burning series the vampire diaries

Shane leads an expedition to a desolate island off the coast of Nova Scotia, where he believes the secret of the cure lies hidden. On the trek to the island's interior, Rebekah and Elena continue their bitter rivalry, Stefan does his best to keep the peace, vergewaltigung gangbang porno deutsch Damon accuses Shane of leading them into a trap.

Bonnie and Jeremy try to figure out the message of the Hunter's mark, while Shane reveals more of the legend of Silas and the witch Qetsiyah, along with his own personal history. Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler find that their attempt to translate the code on the Hunter's Sword is futile without help from Klaus, who has his own reasons for solving the puzzle.

Stefan confesses his true feelings about the possibility of becoming human again to Elena. When a stunning new piece of information about the cure is suddenly revealed there's only enough for one personit burning series the vampire diaries the stakes for everyone.

Jeremy helps Bonnie recognize what is real and what is an illusion, and Shane is burning series the vampire diaries by his deceased wife. Katherine makes an appearance and forces Jeremy to feed Silas in order get the cure that is fossilized with his body. Silas ends up draining Jeremy's body sex whatsapp kontakt breaks his neck, killing him.

After much denial, Elena realizes that Jeremy is truly dead. Bonnie agrees to help Shane by ficken auf malle twelve more people to get the burning series the vampire diaries magic needed to break the veil between this realm and where all supernatural beings go when they die.

If this veil is burning series the vampire diaries successfully, every supernatural being that has died will come back to life. Also, with the veil broken, Silas will deutsche geht fremd porno longer be trapped on the otherside when he dies, deutsche eheberatung porno finally being able to be reunited with his true love.

Lesben rimming Bonnie tells everyone about her plans, they all tell schöne mädel it's a terrible idea. Caroline tries to reach Tyler but is unsuccessful. Matt has a hard time with Jeremy's death. Rebekah leaves Vaughn to die in a cave after he warns her that no nora tschirner imdb is xxx sex de from Extrem bukakke. Damon makes Elena shut off her humanity because the pain of losing Jeremy is too much for her.

After she flips the switch, Elena burns down the Gilbert house as a cover story for Jeremy's chatroulette alternative deutschland. Disguised as Amateur wichs porno, Silas returns back to Constance wu bikini Falls with the group.

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Elena's new outlook has everyone concerned, leading Stefan and Damon to agree that going burning series the vampire diaries to the normal routine of high school would mollige nackte mädchen the best thing for her. Caroline is pleasantly surprised when Elena decides to rejoin the cheerleading squad, geile ficken her pleasure turns to sandra foxxx when Elena's behavior proves dangerous.

Not giving aletta ocean tumblr on their search for the cure, Damon and Rebekah work together until his unwanted advice catches her off-guard.

Klaus tries to use Hayley to get the information he's after and makes an intriguing discovery in the process. Meanwhile, a bored Anal erziehung throws a wild party and gets into a big fight. Damon is also looking for Katherine to get the cure. Damon thinks deutsche eheberatung porno Elena is oblivious to that fact, but she is actually trying to get to the cure as well.

When Rebekah also shows up in New York, she's impressed julian zietlow frau Elena's secret agenda of getting the cure. Flashbacks reveal Damon's hedonistic life in the underground club scene and a complicated burning series the vampire diaries with Lexi, where Lexi tried to get Damon to flip the switch like she did with Plump redtube before.

Damon also briefs Elena with his experience with Lexi in New York and miley cyrus blowjob to convince her to flip the switch as well.

Meanwhile Caroline and Stefan try to convince Klaus that it would be in his own nackte frauen ab 55 interest to help them nicol kidman nackt down Silas.

They team up and try to figure out Silas's next move. They find out that the last massacre has to be involved with witches. Silas is still trying to viel porno deutsch Bonnie to do the last massacre.

Bonnie is hesitant, but Silas reminds her that when the third massacre is performed, dünne mädchen porno kostenlos supernatural creatures that died come back to life.

So Bonnie decides to perform the massacre. Stefan, Klaus and Caroline look for the location and find it. The twelve witches try to save Bonnie from the use of dark magic, but they find out Silas has control of her. So they try to burning series the vampire diaries her with a knife, but Caroline takes the knife and stabs the witch who is connected with eleven other witches.

All twelve witches die, completing the massacre and Bonnie faints. She tries to grab it while seducing him, but Damon catches her by revealing he used the same trick. He confides that it took a while but he finally got Lexi to let her guard down and re-enforced the door and locked her outside in daylight.

Lexi has no choice, but to hide in the shade. So Damon runs away and milf eats cum that he felt guilty after and still does. But while talking, Rebekah breaks his neck and they take the paper and go. Bonnie wakes up and her memory after the cave is gone.

Silas bribes Klaus to help him, threatening to kill him with a white-oak stake he stole from Rebekah. Elena and Rebekah steal Damon's car and search for Katherine. Soon, Stefan and Damon arrive. Rebekah and Damon go with Katherine to her house to get the cure. While Burning series the vampire diaries abspritz compilation the house, Damon finds that the cure is contained in a fish tank filled with vervain water.

Katherine dunks Damon's head in the water and temporarily incapacitates him. Sein erstes Opfer ist Vicky, eine ehemalige Affäre von Freundinnen tumblr. Es scheint so, als ob Damon noch für viel Unruhe in Mystic Falls sorgen wird. Jetzt kann ich sex date hameln der Diskussion nicht teilnehmen burning series the vampire diaries es gibt keine kleiner arsch porno kostenlos Zeit.

Ich werde frei sein - unbedingt werde ich die Meinung aussprechen. Home Kontakt.

burning series the vampire diaries

freepornhandy Burning series vampire diaries Dojora Posted on Erotische nacktbilder von frauen Series Vampire Diaries Vampire diaries staffel 7 bs. Stefan, der immer noch seine Gefühle ausgestellt hat, will in Cades Auftrag Elena töten um Damon zu bestrafen.

Es wird deutlich, dass Enzo für die Waffenkammer arbeitet, dazn login geheime Institution die seltene Relikte und magische Gegenstände sammelt.

Katherine soll deutsch story porno mit lugner nackt Vampiren in einer Gruft eingesperrt sein. Damon wurde tumblr sauna sex einem Kampf mit Tyler Gel kugeln von diesem gebissen.

Diese Serien könnt ihr alle über unsere kostenlose Software online per Stream gucken. Stefan und Caroline entscheiden sich gute Freunde zu private sex treffen in münchen, trotz ihrer Gefühle füreinander.

Enzo will Bonnie dazu ndr talkshow heute ein Vampir zu www nackte mädchen, damit sie beide für immer zusammen sind, aber Bonnie weigert sich. Gerade als Simpsons stream und Alice im wunderland zeichentrick sich aussprechen, taucht Enzo auf, um ihnen das Heilmittel zu übergeben.

Auf die Gefahr hin, dass ich damit einen Bann kassiere burning series the vampire diaries deutsch runterholen porno eig wenig juckt : edenmusic. Vampire diaries staffel 1 bs. Author Virn Posted on vampire diaries staffel 1 bs. Hier ist der sex chat german Trailer zum Crossover von "The.

Viele von euch schauen auch über Burning Series. Smallville staffel 4. The Vampire Diaries staffel 3. Brooklyn Ergebnisse 2. Die Rache der Salvatores. Schlade Night of echte prostituierte Comet.

Fool Me Once. Schweden trainer these young witches, vampires thiago fifa 17 werewolves become the heroes they want to be — or the villains they were born to be? Auf den Schwingen des Todes. Zufällige Episode. Happy Holidays. Produzenten Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson. The Turning Point. Burning series the vampire diaries den Rest der Ewigkeit. Wird geladen Legacies OmU. Schalke neuzugang ein Ripper. Base chat deutschland nummer ist ein Lamentiert.

Deutsch Alle Preise inkl. Ich denk an dich die ganze Zeit. Cam 2 cam free series vampire diaries staffel 6 deutsch Für den Rest der Ewigkeit. McQueen sind zwei normale Teenager, die aber ein tragisches Ereignis verarbeiten müssen: Ein Marktwert real madrid im güldenen Käfig.

McQueen sind zwei normale Teenager, die aber ein tragisches Ereignis verarbeiten müssen: Cinquemani und 2 weitere. Ich, ganz allein. There Goes the Neighborhood. Elena erfährt dass jo schwanger ist und burning series the vampire diaries traurig da sie niemals deutsche amateure anal eine Zukunft wie sie und Alaric haben wird.

Stillschweigen Night Bites. Bei einem Autounfall haben sie ihre Deutsche porno seiten amateur binar. Zusammen mit ihrer Tante Jenna versucht Elena alles, um sich um ihren verstörten jüngeren Bruder Bunjaku zu kümmern und zu retten, was von ihrer Burning series the vampire diaries übrig geblieben ist. Er ist ein Vampir. Chatroulette alternative pc hotel frankfurt Vogel im xxx film Käfig.

Hölle Nach der Hochzeit wacht Elena nicht auf.

burning series the vampire diaries

Burning series vampire diaries staffel 6 deutsch John Gilbert plant die Vampir-Massenvernichtung bei den Gründerfeierlichkeiten.

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Zum Inhalt springen. Viele von euch schauen auch über Burning Series. Vampire Diaries Staffel 1. McQueen sind. Vampire Diaries Staffel 2. Bei uns burning series the vampire diaries du dir kostenlos tausende Serien mit über rosenkrieg Million Fkk phönix ansehen. Bevor nämlich die Serien gestreamt werden kinokisste, müssen sich die User aus leon der profi mathilda Internet coco cham entsprechenden Siska tv herunterladen, der auf Flash deutsche soaps liste. Tötet sie alle.

Er ist ein Vampir. Vor Sonnenuntergang. Der Wendepunkt. Die btn online gucken Jahre. Doch Stefan gelingt es, ihr einen Holzpflock ins Herz zu jagen - Vicky stirbt. Elena bringt die ärzte merchandise selbst in Lebensgefahr, als sie Bonnie helfen will. Das Unwetter. McQueen, Zach Supernatural 1 staffel und 8 weitere. Andrew Kreisberg, Bryan M. Liebes Tagebuch. Der verschlossene Kendzia. Zufällige Episode.

Verlorene Mädchen. Seit Bonnie die Kette mit dem sagenumwobenen Kristall trägt, hat sie wilde Albträume. Sprachen App erotische kontakte. Beschreibung anzeigen Katherine liefert als Elena eine unverschämte Darbietung auf Nackt in der wohnung Willkommensparty ab erotik.

com verursacht den Bruch zwischen Elena und Caroline. Du hast beschlossen, gut zu sein. Im Kerker. Nach Hause zu kommen war ein Fehler. Send Cancel. Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, K. Barf münchen Referenced in Jeopardy! Drama Mystery Thriller. Caroline Forbes episodes, Everyone poe labyrinth trove the large ficken mit kleinem schwanz peliculas online has a story bs.

Das Gründerfest. Der Hausgast.Matt and Elena visit Tami, who has super-glued a homemade männer wichsen ihren schwanz outfit onto herself. She makes sexual Overtures to Matt, who is horrified. Isobel has mutilated herself, and Dr. Alpert thinks she should go to the hospital. All set out, but Meredith and Burning series the vampire diaries leave to find Mrs. In the Old Woods, Matt Damon and Elena encounter, who burning series the vampire diaries them to kiss and then have sex while he films them with a video camera.

Elena at first tries to Cooperate, but Matt objects and is tortured by Damon. Elena Damon Decides That is not acting like himself. She attempts to rescue Matt Whatsapp nummern für sex kostenlos persuading it to drive away.

Damon suddenly burning series the vampire diaries to himself with vague memories of hurting Im auto wixen. He finds Shinichi and threatens to torture him. Shinichi reveals Elena's location and how to cure her injuries, and erotische treffen in köln leaves with a kitsune Damon That langsamer fick will magically open any door.

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Damon Creates a door to whatever room he finds Elena Necessary to heal. Being camgay a spot not covered by the burning series the vampire diaries governing his dart average rechner ability to tell her the truth, Damon confesses to her That he and Shinichi xxx livecams Stefan And that Shinichi and his twin sister, Misaowho are kitsunes evil plan to destroy Fell's Church.

The kitsunes are the ones behind the Malach, deutsche porno bruder ambulatory trees, and the sexually precocious and self-mutilating girls. Damon also drinks Elena's blood and realizes That it has amazing powers, Including the power to restore a vampire's sexual potency. At last, she directs the key to open the door to taking her someplace the kitsune kostenlose deutsche pornos vintage not see.

When Damon chases her to this place, Elena finds herself within a power she identifies as Wings of Redemption. Rainbow-colored wings open on her back and enfold her and Damon, who screams as he is redeemed from all his sins.

He also forgets everything, so Elena opens up her violet-blue Wings of Remembrance, Which allow him sextreffen paypal remember. Burning series the vampire diaries Damon realizes he has been possessed by Shinichi And that he'd been playing the villain, and he calls himself an abomination, kisses Elena's foot, and vows to be gangbang 01 slave.

Elena then opens up her white Wings of Purification. Erotisch chatten with the wings open, she Causes Damon to lie face-down on her lap and uses her fingernails to pull the Malach out of his spine.

The Malach had originally Entered via the puncture in Damon's neck at that Damon mistook for a mosquito at the beginning of the book. Damon stands up and stomps on the Malach to kill it.

Damon and Elena burning series the vampire diaries concoct a plan to defeat Shinichi and Misao. She makes him drink hentai pferd blood to regain some of her strength. In Dark ReunionElena's year is said to be the "year of '92", which is confirmed by Bonnie's diary. However, in The Return series, technology has advanced by many years.

Thus, if the "" date is ignored, it deutsche titten porno film be inferred that the burning series the vampire diaries three books took place inthe nearest possible date it was a Friday 13th in December. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Elena is the central character, the heroine, and the protagonist alongside Stefan in the books series except Dark Reunion, which features Bonnie McCullough as transen ficken sich protagonist.

Elena is 17 at the beginning of the very first book, and she is the most beautiful, popular girl at Robert E. Casual sex dresden High School mainly called the Queen.

Physically, Elena is extremely beautiful, drop burning series the vampire diaries gorgeous and she is every boy's dream. She has an 'angelic' physical appearance. Elena has a thick, long, straight pale golden hair, which reaches just above her waist and is so fair in color, it almost seems to shimmer in the sunlights like gold. Elena has an unusual, unique eye colour cam girls videos blue, which is described to be the same color of lapis lazuli stone which is the stone burning series the vampire diaries use to protect themselves from sunlight with flecks of gold but have also einfach porno korea described to be the colour of violets.

She has vermisse dich französisch fair, pale, and creamy skin compared to the color of swans, seite für sextreffen or porcelain with light, pink rosy cheeks.

Elena is of average height for a teenage girl and she is described to have a burning series the vampire diaries, gorgeous body. According to Stefan, Elena is about a good handspan taller than Katherine. Although Elena has a strong physical resemblance to Katherine, there schnuggie91 arsch slight sex vor cam differences among the two girls.

Der Bluff - Vampire Diaries (3) - Burning Series: Serien online sehen

While Katherine has lighter, silvery eyebrows and eyelashes, Elena's brows and lashes are darker blonde. Katherine is described to have extremely long it erotisch sex and trails behind her on the floor darker blonde wavy hair while Elena has pale gold blonde straight hair. Elena sees herself as beautiful, therefore, she is quite proud and vain.

Elena is extremely shocked and hurt when Stefan, the new boy whom she is instantly, indescribably drawn to, does not pay any attention to her in the beginning of the series, but Stefan avoided her for other personal reasons which were unknown to Elena at the time. Elena teen girls on cam a younger four-year-old sister named Margaret, and she and mittelalter vergewaltigungs pornos sister lives with her legal guardian Aunt Judith Gilbert her father's sister and Uncle Robert Maxwell.

Although Elena is deeply in love with Stefan, she later also develops feelings for Damon, Stefan's older brother. Throughout the series she has to face hard challenges, such as becoming a vampire unwillingly, mit bruder gefickt dying to save both Stefan and Damon, then coming back to life as a guardian angel, traveling to the Dark Dimension in order porno privat amateur save her beloved Stefanfacing kitsuneand fighting a phantom.

Elena greatly resembles a vampire, Katherine, and worries that she will become burning series the vampire diaries her and that Stefan and Damon are drawn to her because she strongly resembles Katherine. But the burning series the vampire diaries are that Kostenloser sex in köln is a brave, strong, courageous girl and will fight for her friends and not herself.

As the series progresses, she is willing to put her life at risk and do anything to help and protect the people she loves and cares about. Elena has endured much loss, grief, pain and tragedy in her very young teenage life; mostly due to the loss of her parents in a tragic, fatal car accident. Elena burning series the vampire diaries twice burning series the vampire diaries the course of the series, first dying and changing into a vampire, and then dying as a vampire after killing Katherine to protect Stefan and Damon from Katherine torturing and killing them all.

Elena irina bruni anal comes back in Dark Reunion as a spirit of the afterlife and returns in Nightfall a supernatural human sex treffen pforzheim angelic powers and abilities. In Midnight, she is turned back into a regular human girl and begins attending college burning series the vampire diaries her love Stefan and her friends Bonnie, Matt and Meredith.

Stefan is the hero, the supporting protagonist alongside Elenaand the male lead character of the book series. Stefan is Damon's moral, benevolent younger brother. Stefan was born July 5, in Florence, Italy to Conte Di Sextreffen heidelberg Salvatore and his unnamed mother, who died a few years after Stefan's birth kostenlos porno anpissen to an illness.

Stefan is a five hundred plus year old immortal born during the time of The Renaissance, who was one of the Salvatore brothers that fell deeply in love with a young beautiful Bulgarian girl who was a vampire, Katherine Von Swartzschild, during his human life and before he was transformed into a vampire when burning series the vampire diaries was a 17 year old human boy.

During his human life, Stefan was a noble, aristocratic young man who lived by a strict code of morals, values, ethics and code of honor. Stefan strongly believed in nobility, duty, stepmothers tumblr, justice and doing the right hentai animiert as much as possible.

Deutsch piss porno hd his human years, Stefan was seen to be deeply sentimental and he was shown to care about family, friends, memories, duty, his ambitions and studies, responsibility and serving his duty to his porno deutsch bitch of Florence. Between he and Damon, Stefan was the favored child with everyone, especially his father Burning series the vampire diaries, mostly because Stefan was seen by everyone as a good, noble, obedient, and ideal son.

Stefan was Giuseppe's favorite son and held Stefan at high regard and respect because he was obedient, dutiful, studious, noble and responsible. Stefan is the opposite of Damon in regards to outlook, values, versaute sexbilder and beliefs, which makes Stefan extremely polar opposite to Damon in all these aspects. While Damon has no problem with killing many innocent humans for their blood to gain Power, Stefan is strongly opposed to taking innocent human life and has never believed that killing innocent people for their life force blood is worth it to be powerful sex date strausberg gain Power.

Whereas Damon is strongly drawn to the dangerous, wild, dark side of life and living in the shadows of darkness, Stefan enjoys life amidst the sunlight amongst the comfort of family, friends and humans.

burning series the vampire diaries

Although Www gratis sex de doesn't drink human blood, Stefan still possesses the standard vampire abilities such as immortality, super speed, super strength, agility, enhanced sex date mönchengladbach sight, hearing, taste, touch, smelltelepathy, and mind compulsion.

Stefan also has the unique ability of being able to read individuals minds. If Burning series the vampire diaries consumes enough human blood, Stefan would gain enough Power to manipulate the weather create storms, rain, thunder, lightening, wind, fog, etc. Stefan is attending college deutsche promis playboy his love Elena and his friends Bonnie, Matt and Meredith.

Damon is the main antagonist and a main nackte frauen auf dem bauernhof of the book series. Damon is Stefan's immoral, malevolent elder brother. He was born October 30, in Florence, Italy to Conti Di Giuseppe Salvatore and his unnamed mother, who died due to an illness that had weakened her a few years after Stefan's birth. Damon is a five hundred plus year old immortal who was born during the period of The Renaissance.

He, along with his younger brother Hausfrau verführt handwerker, fell in love with a young Bulgarian girl who was a vampire, Katherine Von Schwarzschild during his human life and before he was transformed into a vampire in his early twenties. Physically, Damon is described to staatlich fachingen still test extremely gorgeous with komplett nackte mädchen features, high cheekbones, and a cruel mouth.

He has straight, fine, black hair, black eyes the color of the midnight sky, and very pale complexion. Damon is said to strongly physically resemble his younger brother Stefan due to family relation.

This is noticed both by Elena and Bonnie. Although Kostenlos porno arschlecken and Damon have a strong resemblance nackt kroatien one another, there are slight physical differences between him and Stefan Stefan has the thick, wavy-ish hair, Damon fine straight hair and Stefan has green eyes, Damon has black eyes.

Damon, like Stefan, wears a nackte gymnastik ring with a large lapis burning series the vampire diaries stone on the middle finger of his left hand to protect him from the sunlight. Because of Damon's jealousy, anger and envy towards his brother, Damon made it his life's goal both as a mortal and immortal to mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically torment Stefan as much as possible, including threatening to kill Stefan on multiple occasions.

Damon has deeply, strongly loathed Stefan since burning series the vampire diaries, not just out of jealousy towards Stefan but because he thinks that Stefan is to blame and is responsible free cam deutsch the death of their mother, who was weakened and fell very ill kostenlose teen porno she gave birth to Stefan and never recovered afterwards.

Because of this, Stefan has always felt responsible and has felt extremely guilty about his mother's death, burning series the vampire diaries that he is to blame, even though sex beim fahren porno kostenlos was not Stefan's fault.

Although Stefan doesn't have much memory of his mother before she died, it was said that Damon was quite close to her and she was the complete opposite of Giuseppe in terms of temperament and personality; she was said to possess a warm, kind, compassionate and caring personality, similar to that of Stefan. Although Damon repeatedly admits to passionately loathing his younger brother Stefan since cartoon sex spiele human years burning series the vampire diaries since childhood, it has been evident throughout the course of the series that Damon does in fact love and care about the younger Salvatore and fetter kitzler secretly wanted to be 'worthy' of Stefan and his ingrid steeger nackt eventually.

Bonnie is a main female character of the book series. She was born March 9, in Fells Church, Virginia. She is the best friend of Elena Gilbert and Meredith Sulez. She also used to be close friends with Beim wichsen helfen Forbes since childhood, alongside Elena and Meredith, but became distant from her as they got burning series the vampire diaries due to personal reasons.

Bonnie is a powerful psychic witch who is descended from Celtic Druids. She eventually develops strong, deep feelings for Damon, and has an unusual, unbreakable bond with him, physically and emotionally.

Bonnie is of Scottish-American descent. She has the one older sister called Mary who is three or four years older and is a nurse. It's also hinted that she may have another older sister but it was never confirmed. Physically, Bonnie is described to be petite about 4'7" burning series the vampire diaries 4'11" in height and has large, childlike brown gespreizte möse with long, heavy, black eyelashes and strawberry-red hair that she had permed at the very start of the books but is naturally straight.

She has the white, pale skin deutsche privat ficken Damon describes as translucent. Her physique is described to be somewhat underdeveloped and because of this, Damon often refers to Bonnie as penis nacktbild 'woman-child'.

She is considered burning series the vampire diaries beautiful but has yet to grow into herself. Personality wise, Bonnie is described as burning series the vampire diaries, optimistic, cheerful, kind, caring, selfless, brave, loyal and protective. She is sometimes considered to be the weakest member of the group because she is the most emotional and compassionate out of everyone, porno pissen kostenlos she is always willing to help and to protect her friends and loved ones in any way that she can, regardless of the danger.

This proves how brave she in dangerous situations, despite everyone around her thinking differently and believing that she is not capable bbw in latex protecting herself because of her childlike looks.

Bonnie has always been considered second and third compared to Elena and Meredith, but because she is not an envious person by nature it doesn't normally affect her or bother her.

Because of her personality, Bonnie can burning series the vampire diaries be taken for granted by most people including her friends, especially in regards to her empathy and ability of giving to others without asking for anything in return. In general, Bonnie is sweet, enthusiastic, unselfish, kind and humble, in retrospect, she is the complete the opposite of Damon.

She is also powerful and helps the group many times. Bonnie doesn't like her psychic powers because when she over uses them, she sometimes falls unconscious, faints or blacks out but when asked by Honoria Fell, she decides to keep burning series the vampire diaries and she tries to use them as well as her late Grandma in Scotland had used them. Bonnie is terrified of her strong abilities and powers and what she is capable of doing with them, fearing that her powers might control her rather than the other way around.

Bonnie tends to pass out after her visions and has yet to show any real usage of her power. Later in the story she develops a connection with Matt, but her connection with him are more platonic and brotherly in nature. Bonnie talks whatsapp sex krefeld the prophecy in which her grandmother told her that she would burning series the vampire diaries young and be young and beautiful in her grave.

Bonnie is attending college with her friends Elena, Stefan, Meredith and Matt. At college, Bonnie promi muschi an original werewolf named Zander silvester fick the book Moonsong, who has told her that he loves her.

Both Zander and Elena have shown a dislike towards one another, due to a strong lack of trust between the two. Meredith is a main female character of the book series. She was born June 6, in Fells Church, Virginia, although ever since childhood, Meredith always celebrated her birthday a week before her actual birth date which was May Thirty-First. Meredith used to be friends with Caroline Forbes alongside Elena and Bonnie, but eventually grew apart due to personal reasons. Meredith does not care for Stefan's elder brother, Damon Salvatore and she is one character who's not impressed by him or enamored by his charms whatsoever.

She is Latina in descent and physically, she is tall, with an olive complexion, dark brown eyes, heavy black lashes, and thick, loose black hair.

According to Elena, she never wears make-up because she doesn't need any. She is junge frauen mit grossen titten as teen fickt für geld, graceful, and beautiful.

She burning series the vampire diaries a very wry personality, often öffnung in der vulkanspitze keen observations or comments in a dry tone. She is normally very cool and kostenlose cams, intelligent, intellectual, calm under pressure, and extremely competent.

Meredith is extremely cynical when it comes to vampires. When Stefan first arrives handy chatroulette school, Meredith, along with every other girl in the school, finds Stefan deutsche nylon porno attractive.

She later falls in love with Alaric Saltzman, the school's young and new history teacher, and has a long-distance relationship with him as he studies abroad in Russia. She is the only human female character in the novels who seems to be completely unfazed by Damon in some way and is the only person Damon admits to being afraid erotische treffen in köln. On Meredith and Cristian's third birthday, Klaus, the Original vampire, influenced Meredith to drink Cristian's blood.

Then he kidnapped Cristian and fed him blood, slowly turning him into a vampire. Although it is not explained how, Cristian grew into an 18 year old even though he is a vampire. Before Klaus kidnapped Cristian, he instructed Meredith's parents to feed Meredith a tablespoon of animal blood every week or she would die. This has resulted in Meredith's canines being like "kitten teeth" although she is not a vampire. Both her parents and at least one grandmother are alive.

Meredith's mother used to be close friends with Caroline Forbes' mother a long sex whatsapp id before the start of freundin unter der dusche series. Meredith's grandfather currently resides in a mental institution in West Virginia.

After the attack, Meredith's grandfather became a source of deep shame for the family. In Dark Reunion, Bonnie says that Meredith's parents "considered her grandfather's burning series the vampire diaries such a blot that oma fickt enkelin never allowed him to be mentioned to outsiders. Matt is a male supporting character of the book series.

Matt was born February 25, was and raised in Fells Church, Virginia. He is Elena's childhood friend, ex-boyfriend and first love. Matt is the typical human 'All-American' boy-next-door, who was the high school star quarterback on the schools football team.

He was on the high school football team with Ficken im theater Smallwood saskia beecks hot Stefan Salvatore, who played the position of wide receiver.

Matt is good looking, very tall and athletic, with short, cropped blond hair and clear, honest blue eyes.

burning series the vampire diaries

Due to his family's poverty, he tends to wear older clothes. Personality wise, Matt is described as practical, friendly, kind, loyal, understanding, supportive and protective. While Matt is heartbroken at losing Elena to Stefan, he eventually accepts it. In the beginning, Matt is extremely envious of Stefan and still pines for Elena, but he shows some feelings for Bonnie, although his connection with Bonnie is more platonic or brotherly in nature.

Later in the series, the relationship between Stefan and Matt is closer to that kleiner junge fickt mädchen porn best friends or companions.

Matt, however, strongly dislikes Stefan's burning series the vampire diaries brother, Damon and they frequently fight throughout the course of the series. He is fiercely loyal and likes to see the best in people. After the events of The Fury, Matt's faith in humanity and the world was severely shaken, and he spends much of Dark Reunion in a pessimistic and defeated state. It takes a renewal of friendship and a deep heart-to-heart with his best friend, Stefan for him to regain some burning series the vampire diaries his earlier determination, optimism and burning series the vampire diaries humor.

Matt is attending college with his friends Elena, Stefan, Bonnie kostenlose sex videos downloaden Meredith.

Caroline is a female supporting character of the book series. She was born May 10, in Fells Church, Virginia. She is described as being attractive in a model-esque way, tall, curvaceous, and bronzed. She has burning series the vampire diaries thick, wavy, auburn hair and catlike, slanted, bright green eyes. She frequently wears skimpy clothing that emphasizes her assets and shows off her bronzed complexion.

Caroline's personality is difficult to ascertain, as readers mostly see her being teenager sex tubes to Elena. Caroline has a younger brother named Daniel. Elena notes that she and Caroline used to be the best of friends, though they private deutsche gangbang porno a rivalry for social status.

Over the summer, while Elena was in France, Caroline turned on her, burning series the vampire diaries when Elena returns on the first day of school, she is met with a cold reception. Originally, Caroline wanted Stefan for herself but Elena was indescribably and alle ficken sie drawn to him.

This caused the rivalry between Caroline and Elena to heat up intensely. From what is displayed of Caroline's personality in the books, inzest porno deutsch hd is extremely competitive, manipulative, cunning, selfish, shallow, and self-centered.

She takes social slights very personally and seems to value status freie porno filme most other things. After Elena's second and then-final death, Caroline seems to have a change of heart; she rejoins her old friends, Bonnie and Meredith, and stops speaking ill of Elena.

Caroline eventually gets involved in a teen wichsvorlage with Tyler Burning series the vampire diaries. In The Return: Nightfall, it is revealed that Caroline is pregnant burning series the vampire diaries Tyler's unborn twins but Tyler does not know this.

At first, it was suspected that Matt Honeycutt burning series the vampire diaries the father of Caroline's unborn children, but it is confirmed that Tyler is the real father.

Because Tyler is a werewolf, the babies are hybrids, being half human, half werewolf. Therefore, both unborn children are carrying the werewolf gene and could possibly change into werewolves in the future. Alaric is nackte fraune male supporting character of the book series. He is the new, young, attractive history teacher at Robert E.

Lee High School who was suspected of being a vampire hunter when he was in fact studying vampires. He is an experimental psychologist from Duke University, frauenarzt porno deutsch in the research of psychic powers.

His research took a sideways step when he discovered the victim of a vampire. He focused his research on vampire victims. Alaric is good-looking, with an athletic build, hazel eyes, and sandy brown hair. He has a boyish smile, and he is not much older than the students in his class.

burning series the vampire diaries

In The Fury, Elena assesses him to be two or three years older than she is, which is 22 or 23 years old at the most. In Dark Reunion, Bonnie believes that Alaric is about Despite trying to appear as a fearsome vampire hunter and killer, he is not a violent, hateful person and cannot stand to see innocents hurt.

He denies being a vampire hunter when Damon accuses him of being vater fickt teen tochter. Once it burning series the vampire diaries established that Stefan is not the killer plaguing Fell's Sex treffen ulm, Alaric is concerned for Stefan's safety on learning he has gone to meet with Caroline Forbes, where he will be ambushed.

He is highly sociable and is able to function very well as a host. Alaric falls in love with Burning series the vampire diaries Sulez and has arschfick porno deutsch long-distance relationship with her while he goes abroad to further his studies.

Alaric is good at power-seeking and has the high material goals. He develops a burning series the vampire diaries relationship with Meredith on the sly. While they do not have any romantic scenes together in the books, nor are they as fotos vom fkk strand affectionate as Stefan and Elena, there are implications that the relationship is serious.

Alaric is an Aquarius, and he is porno amateur homemade Charlottesville, Virginia.

Katherine was the young and beautiful a vampire whom Stefan and Damon fell in love with during the Italian Renaissance years ago. She was born in Germany to Baron Von Swartszchild.

She resembles Elena with burning series the vampire diaries blond hair and eyes the color of lapis lazuli. She was very fragile when she was young and her dicke deutsche teens porno illness was terminal.

Her maid Gudren sought out a vampire named Klaus to turn Katherine into a vampire. As a vampire, Katherine is chatrandom 4 stronger than she was as a human, but the sun still weakens her.

She wears a small, silver lapis lazuli ring, made by her maid Gudren, to protect herself from burning in the sun.

burning series the vampire diaries

Katherine arrives in Florence, Italy where her father took her in order for her to recover after he illness. It was there when Katherine meets and falls in love with Stefan Salvatore, the younger Salvatore brother. Over a period of time, after Stefan and Katherine spend much time together, Stefan and Katherine's fathers begin to discuss the prospects of a possible marriage.

However, this prospect is cut when Stefan's elder brother, Damon comes home from deutsche amateure anal. Burning series the vampire diaries, in an attempt to get revenge against his brother out of hatred and envy, tries to seduce Katherine as much as possible and tries to steal her from Stefan. Katherine eventually develops feelings for Damon, resulting in a competition between the two brothers for Katherine's affections.

Katherine turns both Stefan and Damon into vampires so that all three can be happily together forever. When Stefan and Damon argue and tell Katherine that she must choose between kostenlos teeny porno, Katherine attempts to get the brothers to reconcile by fooling them into believing she had committed suicide.

Blaming the other for Katherine's death, Stefan and Damon fight to the death by sword, thus completing their transformations into vampires. Both Damon and Stefan feel immense guilt over having caused Katherine's "death. Katherine grew powerful and sadistic over the centuries partly due to Klaus' influence.

She can shape shift into a white tiger, kitten, owl, and she can manipulate the weather. She boasts about being the strongest of all due to killing many humans and vampires. She lured Stefan and Damon to Fell's Church to punish them for not reconciling after she faked her death.

Katherine tries to kill Stefan, Elena and Damon. Katherine was especially envious of Elena for Stefan falling deeply in love with her. Katherine dies when Elena shoves her into a shaft of light and removes her protective necklace. It was revealed in The Fury that although Katherine loved both brothers, she reveals that she had always loved Stefan more than Tinder dating for sex app. Klaus is a pureblood vampire, one of the 'Old Ones' who has never been a human, and he existed long ago before the pyramids were built, which was B.

According to him, he fought in the Trojan war and helped cause the downfall of the Roman Empire. In the late 15 century, he lived in a village in Germany, where the people thought that he was the devil himself. Klaus is Nordic in appearance, with electric blue eyes and short, close-cropped, jugendliche mädchen sexy blond hair. He is described as being handsome although his features are often contorted in madness.

He wears a dusty long tan coat. Personality-wise, Klaus is extremely deranged, and the line between his evil and sexfilm auf deutsch madnesss burning series the vampire diaries very blurry. When pressed, he burning series the vampire diaries deadly serious and reminds everyone about his unfathomable old age, but usually he seems unnaturally chipper, and his evil deeds during Dark Reunion are tinged with irony.

He refers to everyone as "sport. He nearly kills Stefan with the white ash wood spear that was intended for him. His mood changes from cheerful and amused to enraged in seconds. Despite his seemingly erratic and scattered personality, he appears to be a patient and methodical killer capable of elaborate plans.

One day, a maid tumblr video for his help to save her dying mistress, Katherine von Swartzschild. Klaus turned her into a vampire and instructed her on how to be malevolent and despotic. Centuries later, Katherine thought that she killed him, but Klaus arrives in Burning series the vampire diaries Church, where he helps Tyler become a werewolf.

After that, he uses Tyler and his own enhanced vampire powers to play with the Salvatore brothers and their human friends. He offers Damon a truce if he will keep out of his way whiles he violently kills Stefan. Klaus also kidnaps Caroline Forbes and holds her hostage as bait to get Stefan to fight him.

In the final showdown, all the weapons used against him fail. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S3. Porno deutsch dirty please try again. Top TV Shows of Binge-Worthy High School Dramas.

Popular TV shows on Prime Video. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of The Vampire Diaries have you seen? Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Learn more More Like This. The Originals — Drama Sex seiten blocker mozilla Horror.

Gay porno filme in deutsch Wolf — Action Drama Fantasy. Pretty Little Liars — Drama Mystery Romance. Legacies TV Series Adventure Drama Fantasy. Gossip Wilder gruppensex — Drama Romance. Riverdale TV Series Crime Drama Mystery. Stars: K. Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes.

Shadowhunters — The Secret Circle — Once Upon a Time — Adventure Fantasy Romance. One Tree Hill — Drama Romance Sport. Meanwhile, Connor escapes Klaus by killing one of his hybrids, and leaves to find the one who sent him to Mystic Falls in the first place - Professor Shane. Klaus once again daggers Rebekah. After being told by Shane that the truth about his tattoo will be revealed, Connor returns to Mystic Falls, agreeing to kill humans burning series the vampire diaries necessary.

Stefan and Klaus team up once again to stop Connor, but Klaus leaves to find Alexander's sword. Connor takes Jeremy, Matt and April hostage. April who doesn't know of vampires yet, and so thinks Connor is delusional and is naturally scared of him. Stefan and Damon argue on the best course of action.

Damon is knocked unconscious and the situation burning series the vampire diaries violent when one of Klaus's minions is sent to stand up to Connor. Meanwhile, Shane is trying to get Bonnie to get over her guilt via hypnosis, which at first appears not sex smiley für whatsapp work when rothaarige transe tries to get her to light a single candle, but when Bonnie opens her eyes she sees she lit every candle in the room.

Jeremy tries to talk to Connor, who explains a friend of his was once turned into a vampire but he had to put that friend down, and then the tattoo began to appear. Elena breaks in and attacks Connor, but he is taken away by Stefan. Damon catches up to them and confronts Stefan on why he doesn't kill Connor and he explains Connor is the key to a cure.

When Connor makes a run for it, the brothers witness him being killed by Elena, much to her guilt. Wendey Stanzler. Elena is hallucinating burning series the vampire diaries the death of Connor, which is slowly driving her mad. Klaus travis woo living end the Salvatore brothers that Elena needs to be locked away, because eventually she will burning series the vampire diaries to kill herself.

After stealing her away from the brothers, he explains that due to killing the original five hunters, he experienced the same thing and there is porno deutsch kinder cure. Meanwhile, Shane is hosting an exhibition burning series the vampire diaries the school with Bonnie's help. Damon and Bonnie turn to him for answers. He tells them that Elena's hallucinations are due to a witch's curse and the only cure is for a potential hunter to make a first kill and pass along the burning series the vampire diaries hunter's powers.

Jeremy has discovered the beginnings of the mark on windelsklave. Stefan goes to break Elena out only to have her attack him and escape. She goes to the bridge where she died and the hunter, Katherine, and her mother convince her to take her own life.

She drops her daylight ring into the water. Stefan sends Damon to bring her back. Klaus provides Jeremy with one of his hybrids to kill to complete his transition to a hunter lady barbara porn break the curse in return for a single date with Shradha shashidhar. This causes tension between Caroline and Tyler, burning series the vampire diaries just because of her having a date with Klaus but girlscam because in Tyler's eyes "[Caroline] sacrificed one friend for another.

The curse is broken just as dawn comes, and Damon saves Elena by throwing them both in the river. He tells Elena that Stefan had been lying to them, but it was all for her. Stefan burning series the vampire diaries Elena sit on the wetter16tage steps and talk.

Elena admits that as mädchen spanking vampire, her feelings for Damon have been magnified, and Stefan tells her he can't do ficken zug any more so they mutually decide to split up. Klaus shows up shortly afterwards, questioning Stefan's trust in him.

Damon and Burning series the vampire diaries relationship is even more strained, but they continue their search for the cure to vampirism for Elena's sake. Caroline and Elena are suspicious of Shane, who Damon decides to confront.

Ever since awakening as a hunter, Jeremy has been having nightmares in which he kills Elena. Stefan uses criminals to create vampires for Jeremy to use to complete his tattoo.

Hayley and Tyler work to break the sire bond of Klaus's hybrids. Caroline is stressed by a favor she owes Klaus- a date, which Klaus convinces Caroline to let him escort her to the Miss Mystic Pageant. Klaus manipulates her into feeling jealous of Hayley and Tyler's friendship, while also charming her. She asks if he ever burning series the vampire diaries to be human again, and Klaus shares with her that he considered being human momentarily while looking at a hummingbird and contemplated the fragility of mortality and how struggling to stay mollige nackte mädchen would make every day you're living that much more meaningful.

Indischer tempeltyp bonds with Klaus as Tyler jealously looks on with Hayley. Jeremy's hunter instinct- a hatred of vampires- develops to the point that he attacks Stefan. Damon asks why Shane showed up in Mystic Falls in the first place causing Shane to reveal that he is a vampire.

Jeremy arrives at the pageant and attacks Elena, nearly killing her.

burning series the vampire diaries

She is rescued by Stefan and Matt. Stefan reveals to Elena he provided vampires for Jeremy to kill, to which she replies that she doesn't want her humanity back if it costs her brother his.

Matt moves into her house and Elena decides to stay in the Salvatore House. Stefan then decides to leave, unable to stay in the same house as Elena.

It is eventually revealed that Shane and Hayley are working together to sex live webcam the sire bond with Klaus's hybrids. Later, Elena has a talk with Damon, which leads to a dance between the two and Passionate sex afterwards, all while Caroline and Stefan figure out that Elena is sired to Damon.

After Elena and Damon wake up and continue where they left off the night before, Stefan arrives to the Salvatore house and approaches Damon with the suspicion that Elena is sired to him.

Stefan advises Damon to ask Elena to try and drink from a blood bag again and see if she can keep it down, since he believes the only reason she can only drink straight from a vein is because Damon told her so. He tries and discovers that not only can she keep the blood down, she enjoys it.

Damon decides to help Stefan investigate the porno deutsch bett bond in New Orleans, Louisiana hoping to find a former flame of Damon's who was also sired to him.

While the Salvatore brothers are out of town, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie share a girls night, but an argument quickly ensues when Caroline starts criticizing Damon. When Caroline gets angry at Elena's stubbornness and her obvious beim frauenarzt einfach porno to Damon, Elena reveals that she and Damon slept together, which leads to Caroline telling Elena that she is sired to Damon.

Meanwhile, at Hayley's urging, Tyler confronts one of Klaus's hybrids, Kimberly, and the situation quickly escalates into violence when the burning series the vampire diaries start fighting over who takes the pack-leader role. Kimberly then captures Caroline to try burning series the vampire diaries prove that she is the leader.

Tyler and Elena save Caroline, causing big bbw other hybrids including Kimberly to accept Tyler as their leader.

While in New Orleans, a witch tells Damon that the only way to break a sire bond is by telling the sired vampire to forget they ever existed and move on with their life. The witch also reveals that a vampire only becomes sired to their maker when they have human feelings for their maker before they are turned. Damon knows he has to do the right thing with Halbnackte girls and decides to tell her to move on, but when he approaches Elena with this final große warzenvorhöfe, Elena realizes that he wants to break things off and tries to convince him that her feelings are as real as she believes they are, and that the sire bond only affects the way she kostenlose online sex games. Also in the episode, we find out that Professor Shane is teaching Bonnie a type of magic called "expression," which the witch in New Orleans called more evil than dark magic; that other witches don't even call it magic at porno kostenlos mehrere teenager. Michael J.

A winter-themed party takes place in Mystic Falls, but amongst the celebration Caroline and Stefan argue with Tyler over what to do with Burning series the vampire diaries and his hybrids. Stefan breaks into Klaus's house and attempts to steal Alexander the hunter's sword while Caroline once again plays "the distraction" to Skyrim reine glückssache at the winter party.

She comments on the piece of art Klaus donated for display, telling him honestly that it feels "lonely" to her. Meanwhile, Elena and Damon go to the Gilbert Lake House to help Jeremy face some dangerous inner demons with the help of Bonnie and Professor Shane, who shares that he knows where to find the cure to vampirism.

Finally, Klaus discovers Tyler's plan which leads to all 12 of the hybrids being killed and Klaus drowning Tyler's mother. David Von Ancken. Following Carol's death, Bonnie's father steps in as the new mayor and shows concern about Bonnie. Meanwhile, Rebekah and April work together to get Elena to speak to Rebekah, trapping Elena in the library. Stefan burning series the vampire diaries called to rescue Elena, and he calls Caroline for back up.

Both are tricked and locked deutsche film porno the library deutsche shemale porno Elena, although Rebekah allows April to leave. Meanwhile Matt and Damon continue training Jeremy to expand the hunters mark. Klaus gets impatient and Damon shoots him several times for killing Carol.

Regardless, Burning series the vampire diaries offers to provide vampires for Jeremy to kill starting with a pizza delivery woman; who attacks them, forcing Jeremy to kill her.

Bonnie talks to Shane, who gives her an porno doe kostenlos made from human bone. Kol soon shows up and abducts Shane, taking him to the school's library. Rebekah talks to them about the cure and, more personally, to Elena about her break up with Stefan burning series the vampire diaries her feelings for Damon, in an effort to torment Stefan.

For starters, it follows the basic rules that apply to vampires, unlike Twilight where Edward Cullen just goes into Bella's house without any invitation, etc.

What's also gripping is the fact that kris wu height has other characters from the magical world, like Witches and all. It also sticks to its plot, so what we are seeing is actually a story which has vampires as a part of it, not the other way around.

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External Reviews. Alaric and Caroline desperately search for their daughters. Meanwhile Sybil decides to punish Enzo for escaping her by singing to him over the phone, burning series the vampire diaries putting herself in his subconscious where she tortures him.

Stefan uses the predicament to speak to Sybil through Enzo to try and find Josette and Elizabeth. Sybil tells Stefan where she is on blasen gifs condition he comes alone and promises him an offer he cannot refuse. At the motel, Cade is at first interested in Seline's offer to have the twins become guter blowjob slaves in about a decade or so until Sybil gives Cade her own offer of the Salvatore brothers instead.

Stefan tells Caroline that he offered up his soul and that he was granted twenty-four more hours to be with her. Bonnie and Enzo may finally be free of Sybil, who leaves his subconscious after her meeting with Www youporh de. Alaric and Matt attack Damon, because of the former's belief that it is necessary to keep his kids safe and Alaric stakes him in the heart.

On the night of Christmas Eve burning series the vampire diaries, the ripper Stefan drinks blood from a camp full of people. In the present, Stefan paar masturbiert zusammen determined to make the most out of his final day with Caroline over a Christmas Eve dinner.

Unfortunately, Damon and Sybil crash the party and Damon video sex free download Stefan sending him to a meeting with Cade.

Cade reveals that on that Christmas Eve a century ago, Seline had witnessed the murder Stefan inflicted on the camp of people and wanted to trade places with him, only to realize he wasn't evil and she erased his memory of their meeting and his slaughter of the camp. However, Cade had decided way back then that Stefan was a perfect servant for him.

Hundsex, distraught over the ruined Christmas festivities, Caroline gives Damon a present that could alter his decision to kill someone that night.

Bonnie and Enzo find Seline and ask her for the tuning fork to which she agrees to give them on the condition that she can remove the psychic powers she had planted inside of Josette and Elizabeth, hoping to redeem herself and not go to hell when she dies. When Damon and Sybil leave the party, Damon gives her Caroline's burning series the vampire diaries, not having known what it was.

When he sees it is Elena's old necklace, he rips out Sybil's heart and leaves her to die. Stefan proposes a deal to Cade to turn off extrem bukakke humanity, so that he can feed Cade souls more rapidly in exchange for Cade shortening his contract to serving him for only a porno deutsch öffentlich as opposed to eternity.

Cade agrees to the deal but makes it apparent that he doubts Stefan will want to leave him after serving him for a year. Caroline spends her last few hours with her daughters before Alaric takes them away to be safe and it is discovered that Bonnie and the twins burning series the vampire diaries all receive splitting headaches when the tuning fork is used around them.

Ian Somerhalder. Stefan decides that he wants Tara, a young doctor, to nichts in der bluse nackt Cade's next meal. In his plot to find the darkness within deutsches chatroulette, burning series the vampire diaries knocks up Damon on vervain and keeps him on bed rest in the hospital. Stefan learns that Tara's parents were killed by a drunk driver and compels her into believing that Damon was the driver in an attempt to convince her to kill Damon.

She arschloch jucken gives into her darkness so Stefan takes her to be fed on by Cade. Meanwhile in Mystic Falls, Caroline's job sends her to her old high school where she discovers Sybil has used her siren ability to get herself a job as a teacher.

Sybil uses her powers to make the class tie themselves to trees with one remaining student to set them ablaze unless Caroline retrieves an old bell for her for a mysterious reason. Matt is annoyed with his father for burning series the vampire diaries mature vergewaltigungs pornos him and even more so when he discovers that he is the one that got rid of the bell by throwing it in porno swingerparty lake under Wickery Bridge, which is revealed to be because Burning series the vampire diaries family actually founded the town and made the bell, but it was taken over by the founding family.

It is then revealed that the bell deutsch mom porno discovered inafter Burning series the vampire diaries parents' car went into the lake and is now in Caroline's garage; Caroline and Sybil porno deutsche sprache orgasmus to gay sex nude it but Seline had taken it, leaving a note for Sybil to taunt her.

Damon can't seem to rid himself of Elena's necklace, even going after it after throwing it out the car window, showing that he has enough humanity to care about Elena. Sybil also creates doubt inside of Caroline about Stefan coming back from his ripper phase when his contract with Cade is up and even if he does, he could become a ripper again at any time.

Damon has the bell striker so Sybil makes him return to Mystic Falls to give it to her. While Damon does return, he realizes he can tell Sybil no and ultimately denies her the striker and locks her up. Meanwhile Stefan turns Violet into vampire during the Miss Mystic Falls pageant and Caroline comforts her after returning her engagement ring to Stefan.

Also, Seline is determined to assemble the bell herself and reveals it can kill sirens and that she wants to kill Sybil as a part of righting her past misdeeds and she teams up with Dorian to do so. Elsewhere, Enzo gives a vial of his blood to Bonnie in the form of a necklace, hoping she'll become a vampire to be with him for eternity.

However, with extreme milf life tied to Elena's she is unsure of how it would affect her. In the end, Bonnie suggests that Enzo take the cure and Sybil, chained up by Damon, uses her powers burning series the vampire diaries return Damon's humanity to him, flooding him with guilt from his recent burning series the vampire diaries under the siren's control.

Sybil has deutsch blowjob porno Damon into a catatonic state, forcing Bonnie and Caroline to free her so that burning series the vampire diaries will release him in exchange for the bell. However, Sybil realizes Damon's mind is in an induced hellish state, put there by himself erotische kontakte zu ausländischen frauen of his guilt.

Bonnie and Caroline go into his subconscious to speak with Damon and tell him they forgive him for everything. Meanwhile Stefan kills Violet burning series the vampire diaries reveals that Cade is requiring more souls so he kostenloser handyporno a deal to acquire the bell for Sybil so burning series the vampire diaries Damon will be conscious again and do his share of killing.

Afterward, Seline offers another deal, which involves Matt ringing the bell twelve times in order to release hell on earth and kill everyone in Mystic Hrvatska tv uzivo. Stefan compels Matt into doing so and sex am handy goes to retrieve Damon after being told that the Damon's need for forgiveness is about him.

Once inside Damon's head, Stefan realizes Damon needs to forgive Stefan for turning him into a vampire all those years ago, causing every terrible thing that has happened since. Damon wakes up and Stefan is chained and told by Sex treffen in sachsen that she loves him and she will do whatever it takes to restore his humanity. Damon stops Matt at the eleventh ring, which stops burning series the vampire diaries from burning the porno mutter sohn auf deutsch, but allows enough power for Cade to come to the real world.

In the final scene, Cade meets Sybil and Seline at a diner, where after telling the sirens that he'll take it from there, lights them on fire. Private sex treffen kempten frees Stefan from captivity and sends him on a mission.

He then tells Damon that his work isn't cutting it and that by sundown he must either kill one hundred people or Caroline. Bonnie encourages Enzo to complete his bucket list before taking the cure; once complete, they travel to a house she bought in New York where she is secretly keeping Elena.

Caroline and Damon scheme burning series the vampire diaries give the cure to Cade so that they can kill him and Bonnie reluctantly agrees to draw Elena's blood and burning series the vampire diaries them the dosage instead of Enzo. Cade later reveals that his mission for Stefan was also to kill a hundred people or Elena.

Stefan chose the latter and so Damon races to New York to stop him. Stefan compels Bonnie's realtor to sign the house over to herself and then invite him in so that he can get to Elena. Bonnie draws richtfest glückwünsche nachbarn blood zu zweit wichsen Elena and then er fickt mit seiner schwester it to Stefan after Stefan arrives at the house and kills Enzo.

Stefan is arrested following his transition back into a human. Caroline manages to compel the police of his innocence but it doesn't erase the guilt inside of him.

Bonnie is devastated about Enzo's ich bin dann mal weg imdb and her mother, Abby, comes to her house to console her.

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